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Our Firm

We are a specialized recruitment consulting firm working with the leading state and private education establishments in every major city in China.

 Schools wishing to find teaching staff use our service to locate and conduct preliminary interviews with top teaching candidates. If the applicant matches the schools requirements, we can arrange a face to face interview, either at the school or via video interview using Skype if the candidate is located outside of China.

 Our recruiting fees are paid for by the school and not the candidate, making this an attractive service for many candidates wishing to apply for our posted positions. If a school requires more experience and credentials, we can tailor the search criteria to identify specialized candidates from around the globe, ensuring that our clients are provided with top teachers within their criteria.   

Teacher’s testimony

Dear Maggie,

​Firstly, I want to thank you for your personalized and detailed e-mail.  I really appreciate you taking the time out to introduce me to this amazing opportunity. It becomes rather frustrating when my inbox becomes filled with job offers in China containing none of the information that I requested. You are the first to not only answer my questions, but to go above and beyond my expectations.

I also get the vibe that you are a genuine and qualified recruiter, so I would very much like to continue working with you in regards to job placement in China.

Thank you so much again for reaching out to me with this great offer. I will continue to remain in touch.

All the best,